Efficient registration and increased security – Print on Demand

Working in partnership with Datafångst, Meetx is able to offer a flexible, modern solution for delegate entry and registration at venues, called Print on Demand. Efficient registration and increased security!

How it works: the delegate receives a confirmation e-mail prior to the conference and an SMS containing a barcode and a welcome message during their journey to the conference. A name badge and any tickets are printed out when the delegate arrives at the conference and scans the barcode from the confirmation e-mail or SMS.

The major advantage of Print on Demand is that delegates can amend their registration details right up until their arrival and registration on site. That way Meetx is able to focus on providing delegates with excellent service instead of preparing and distributing name badges. As a client, you can also track registration status and see exactly who and how many people have registered.

Taking an innovative approach and offering our clients a modern technical solution is important and wholly in line with Meetx’s environmental and sustainability policy. We also want to make life as easy as possible for delegates.

Check out the film above and see how Meetx can help you put on an innovative conference.

Print on demand