The key to a successful scientific conference is an outstanding scientific programme. The organising committee is responsible for carrying out this hugely important task, which often comes with time restraints. This process can be made easier by enlisting Meetx to provide scientific support and abstract management services. All abstracts are submitted online, which offers a more generous timetable for the review process and enables authors to edit texts if necessary. Meetx is on hand to help throughout the process – from submission and assessment to publication.


Meetx uses a sophisticated and proven online system for the administration of the scientific programme and as support for the scientific committee.

A meeting is held at an early stage between the scientific committee and the person responsible for abstracts at Meetx to discuss the scientific structure, a timetable, calls for abstract texts and the creation of an online form. Meetx then monitors the submission process and deals with all author correspondence.

All abstracts are assessed online and Meetx supplies the programme committee with reports, statistics and documentation to be used in the compilation of the scientific programme.

Meetx provides all authors with the necessary information about approval and details regarding presentations.

Programs & Printed material

Meetx puts together a production plan for publications (programme on the website, programme and abstract book, congress app, etc.), complete with a timetable and division of responsibilities. We supply publishers/graphic designers with texts and data from our Meetx Abstract System for the production of any abstract book.

VIP & Speaker management

Meetx, in consultation with the scientific committee, produces a timetable for the distribution of speaker invitations and information. We also manage aspects such as mailings, confirmations, collection of titles, acceptance of any abstracts, technical information, list of benefits and any fees and travel expenses.