Project management

An experienced project manager leads and coordinates the project and the appointed project team. The project manager, with input from you, is tasked with producing guidelines for quoted services and their subsequent delivery.

By taking a proactive approach, we help to set clear objectives and produce an action plan and budget for the meeting, conference or congress. We help to generate the revenue required to be able to hold the event in question and any future events.

Logistics and planning

Meetx takes a holistic approach to the project’s logistics and planning.
There are many pieces that need to be in place before the puzzle is put together and from the offset we start with the frame first.

We help you establish a schedule and division of work, book premises, technology, catering and coordinate signage, decoration, conference materials and practical information for the participants. Of course, we make sure that everything is handled as cost-effectively as possible.
Meetx is by your side before, during and after the conference.

In order for the participant to have a pleasant conference experience, an important part is that the program feels clear and well thought out. Our experienced project managers know how to convey that feeling with simple and smart means. Every program item should get its fair share of attention, Meetx makes sure this happens when we help with the program structure.

Let us take care of the practical element so you can focus on the content!


Meetx can take care of the financial management of your project. In consultation with you, we produce a budget and continuously track that budget during the course of the project. Keeping a regular check on the project’s finances is crucial to the outcome and decisions that have to be made along the way. Our project managers possess considerable experience from a wide range of projects, and this enables us to advise you on budget work and ongoing financial management.

We take care of supplier invoices, payroll, bookkeeping and VAT accounting, etc. and provide you as the client with regular reports and updates, thus ensuring complete transparency in matters concerning the project’s accounts. We produce a financial statement at the end of the project once all income and expenses have been settled.

In the section on delegate management, you can find out more about how we can help with registration fees.


It is essential to reach out to potential delegates, partners, sponsors, exhibitors and other target groups for the conference. Meetx draws on its extensive experience in hosting a wide range of conferences and congresses within various fields to advise and consult with you, as the organiser, on how best to reach your target audience.

It is important that the message and the marketing of the conference or congress are considered and well thought out. We work with conference industry specialists and can produce everything from a graphic design and conference logo to a modern, responsive website and printed material. All to communicate your message effectively to your target audience.

Use your conference to network before, during and after the event! Meetx can provide you with advice on putting together a social media strategy.

Social program

Most conferences nowadays include a welcome reception, conference dinner and/or other social events. Meetx has considerable experience of putting together a suitable social programme for conferences. We heed your wishes and draw on our own experience and that of our partners when it comes to identifying a suitable venue, theme, menu, entertainment, etc., thereby delivering a complete experience for your guests.

Having agreed a budget, we negotiate with suppliers and book venues, entertainment, catering and transport. We have numerous partners who we know to be skilled at organising social events, and we can be on site to ensure that the programme runs smoothly.

We can also help to arrange excursions and other similar social outings.