Meetx champions sustainability – from top to bottom

Professional conference organiser Sweden Meetx is continuing its onward march and is kicking off 2017 with a vigorous effort to improve its sustainability. The objective is to increase knowledge and awareness of conference sustainability among its clients.

“We are seeing increased awareness of the environment and sustainability among our clients, which is something that Meetx encourages, of course. Meetx has a sound sustainability strategy based on our comprehensive sustainability policy. We have also begun to notice a demand from our clients and look forward to the exciting process of helping them with these issues,” says Marie Jacobsson, Operational Director at Meetx.

At the end of November, MEETX participated in a panel discussion during the Mötesdagen (Meeting Day) event organised by the University of Gothenburg. The theme was sustainable conferences and guest speakers included Meetx, Scandic Hotels, SJ, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers Students for Sustainability. It was an interesting and rewarding discussion on sustainability, which provided the audience with inspiration for future conference events.

Maja Törngren, Sales Manager at Meetx, was a member of the panel and emphasised how important sustainability work is and that by employing a conference organiser it is possible to achieve sustainability certification for conferences. She explained how the little details can make a big difference. One simple tip for putting on a more sustainable conference is to reduce the use of bottled water.

“Meetx is encouraging its clients, for example, to provide pure Swedish tap water during conference lunches, dinners, etc. An inexpensive way to show that Sweden has fantastic drinking water and something that may have a long-term sustainable effect if an individual then chooses not to consume bottled water privately. Refillable water bottles made from an approved ecofriendly material can also be distributed at conferences,” says Maja Törngren.

If you have any questions, please contact: Marie Jacobsson, Operational Director, Meetx
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